Amal Totkay and Growth Mindset

Totkas are something that have been a really important part of the Southeast Asian household. They’ve prevailed for centuries and some have evolved to fit the modern household, but the essence has been the same.

During my course study from Amal on entrepreneurial mindset this week, I came across such totkas but for business! They were:

  1. Self-talk / developing a Growth Mindset
  2. Getting out of your Comfort Zone
  3. Creating new habits
  4. Asking people for help
  5. Fake It Till You Make It

After reading these tips, I had a lot of takeaways to “take away”. These 5 tips truly embody the way to success and if we were to follow them and especially the last one which says to Fake It Till You Make It but only in terms of mindset and NOT showing off. If we follow at least one of these totkas, we will begin to see a significant change in our lives and will ultimately see our goals coming closer.

My favorite totka out of all these was Getting out of your comfort zone, because only recently have I experienced it come to play. My comfort zone was my learning group fellows, and when my group changed, I was really out of my comfort zone. But being able to be out of it helped me adapt and eventually I became team leader and now I’m facing new challenges with a smile on my face.

This and self-talk are two totkas that I have started to implement in my daily life. I never miss a chance to help my self develop a growth mindset now.

And talking about the growth mindset, I’ve come to see that even the smallest of changes in my thought process and self reflection will be able to help me achieve it. So I’m going to spend at least a little while reflecting on my day and how I can improve myself and listen to my favorite motivational speaker, Gary Vee.

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