We all talked about how the end of the fellowship would be emotional, but experiencing it was something more than just that. It was a mixture of bitter-sweet feelings, the inevitable longing for just a bit more, and the sad moments of saying goodbye. But despite that, it was still happy.

Since it was our last session, we did not have anything new to learn but that’s not entirely true. In our last sessions, we learned what it meant to form real connections with each other. What it was like to take a break from the usual learning process and…

Immediately after taking the first Amal online session, I knew I had made the right choice. The first 2 weeks at the Fellowship were an entirely new experience for me. It was the first time I had ever taken online classes or sessions (since my pandemic time was spent mostly retaking exams for which I had already previously studied in physical classes) and it was also the first time I had ever had to complete assignments (since my qualification is based on exams and assignments are virtually non-existent). It was nerve-racking at first but I slowly got hold of it.

Joining the Amal Academy fellowship was a choice I made in a hurry but one that I am the proudest of. Being busy with exams, all of my focus was on my studies, and signing up for Amal was just a thing I did without giving it much thought. But when my exams were over, I sat down and reflected on what I had done. I had signed up for something that was going to be completely different than what I’ve been comfortable with. The very thought of stepping out of my comfort zone was scary at the least. …

#1 Staying organized

My inner Monica Geller has always been active and there have been a lot of instances where I have applied my organizing skills so here’s a story of one of those instances:

In the summer of 2019, I was planning to go on a family trip to visit my distant relatives who live in Faisalabad. The plan and the itinerary were ready but I faced the dreaded-by-most-people task of packing. The challenge I faced was that we had hundreds of items to sort and pack and only 1 day to do it. Everyone in my family always…

“No religion is above humanity.”

Inspired by this quote from Abdul Sattar Edhi and his lifelong mission of serving humanity regardless of their race, religion, caste, or any other discriminating factor, our circle of fellows decided to play our own part in furthering this mission. We were given the idea to collaborate with our fellows by our facilitators to raise funds for Edhi Foundation — the organization Edhi formed to help those who needed help. So we started to discuss how we were going to do it among ourselves.

We decided that we will work with another circle and before…

Being a team leader comes with a set of responsibilities. From keeping track of everyone’s progress to conducting meetings. One of the responsibilities I got for this week was to write a proposal for the Mega Project our team is soon going to start working on.

I was going through my course lessons on teachable when I saw this unique productivity technique called “Pomodoro Timer” which is just a 25-minute timer in which you do a certain task and then you take a 5-minute break. Then repeat until you’ve done 4 cycles and then take a longer 20-minute break. …

Totkas are something that have been a really important part of the Southeast Asian household. They’ve prevailed for centuries and some have evolved to fit the modern household, but the essence has been the same.

During my course study from Amal on entrepreneurial mindset this week, I came across such totkas but for business! They were:

  1. Self-talk / developing a Growth Mindset
  2. Getting out of your Comfort Zone
  3. Creating new habits
  4. Asking people for help
  5. Fake It Till You Make It

After reading these tips, I had a lot of takeaways to “take away”. These 5 tips truly embody the…

Everywhere I go in Karachi, I see little children. Little children filled with joy and laughter but hiding behind those big smiles, unfulfilled desires of having a better life. To live a life where they didn’t have to be in the place they’re in but rather somewhere else learning, having fun and enjoying the days of their youth instead of worrying about whether they’re going to eat that day or not. …

One of my personal goals included learning something new everyday. I want to learn the following things now

  1. How to stop procrastinating
  2. How to get better in my interviews (Amal goal)

SMART Goals:

  1. I want to overcome my procrastination habits by the end of May in order to become better at doing tasks and meeting deadlines by completing my Amal projects and courses on time and also completing the procrastination help course on Intellect. I will do so by spending 15 minutes everyday navigating through the procrastination help course and completing at least 20% of my projects and courses everyday.

To Saad

Dear Saad,

I understand the fact that you come from a pious Muslim background and have certain beliefs about women’s role in society but you have to understand that the environment you are learning in is also comprised with a large number of female students who are, like you, coming here to learn the same way as anyone else. They wish to pursue their education and then their careers the same way you wish to do. The remarks you made during your conflict with Zara were not only unprofessional, they were also deeply hurtful to her. And upon…

Haris bin Amir

This is my Amal Academy blog :) You can check out my personal blog at @harisbinamir

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